Now I know I have pushed Shaky Beats 2016 a lot for being an EDM fest. However, if you look at the Sunday lineup, you’ll notice that this festival is certainly not bound to one genre. After all, it takes place in Atlanta, the birthplace of southern hip hop. So it goes without saying there will be some well known and lesser known rap and hip hop artist to hit the stage. NAS and A$AP Ferg are the big names on Sunday but we wanted to bring some attention to an earlier act.

Mike Floss


This young fire spitter out of Nashville will not disappoint. I bought his track Kerosene in February when I first saw his name on the Shaky Beats lineup. Mike Floss brings a lot of authenticity to his raps. His bars are witty but also very much what the kids want to hear these days. He grew up in studios with his father who was a Jazz musician. His main influences were always the music that gave birth to hip hop.

“A lot of people start off on hip hop and then they look back and be like, there was so much music that was happenin before hip hop. Then they sort of start incorporating that. So, I kind of did it in reverse”

He does an admirable job of representing the Nashville rap scene. Which in his opinion, respects quality over quantity. Dopeboy Dreaming is another track I highly suggest checking out.

Mike Floss will throw down on the Ponce de Leon stage at Shaky Beats @ 2:00 PM on Sunday

Shaky Beats Music Festival May 20th-22nd

Shaky Beats, May 20th-22nd in Downtown Atlanta.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get your tickets!! Get a 3-Day ticket for just 162 dollars!!

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