Shaky Beats Music Festival 2016: Com Truise

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HAPPY SHAKY BEATS WEEK!! Seth Haley, otherwise known as Com Truise is the subject of our next Shaky Beats Music Festival artist feature. Admittedly, my first experience with Com Truise came from his latest EP Silicon Tare released through Ghostly last month. Gabe promised he would be my new favorite instrumental artist and he was right. Com Truise’s music is an intergalactic journey with synths as endless as space itself.  The 5 track EP is very conceptional with each song influencing an imaginary spacescape for the listener. Even the last track leaves you with the feeling of a pending ellipses. Com Truise‘s aim is to be the soundtrack of a wayfarer’s uncertain odyssey through the cosmos. Haley has toured extensively all over the world and I am very excited to take a break from heavy raving to chill with his set at Shaky Beats this weekend.

Check out Silicon Tare here >

Com Truise will take the Peachtree stage at Shaky Beats @ 4:00 PM on Saturday

Shaky Beats Music Festival May 20th-22nd

Shaky Beats, May 20th-22nd, is the first EDM festival in Downtown Atlanta.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get your tickets!! Advanced 3-Day tickets are still available for just 162 dollars!!