Shaky Beats 2016 is less than one week away people! Marshmello is up for the next installment  in our series of Shaky Beats artist features. When Marshmello hit the scene, I’m sure there were some of us (me included) who rolled their eyes. So it’s another mysterious masked artist who wishes to keep his true identity a secret? Sounds like that Panda masked rapper back in Germany right? Since I’m a sucker for heavy future bass and trap music I gave Marshmello a try and his sound is tasty. His track Keep it Mello featuring Omar LinX immediately was added to my workout playlist.

Marshmello‘s come up came quick. Almost too quick. He hardly had that many releases before he was gaining support from Skrillex and booking Miami Music Week and Mad Decent Block Party. Was it luck? Sure, he’s talented, but there is plenty of talent on the brink of blowing up in this area of music. Is it too far fetched to suggest that Marshmello is, infact, just the side project of another known artist? A moniker? If so, the whole scheme is arguably a genius one. If you are into conspiracy theories go ahead and check out the investigations both Dancing Astronaut and YourEdm did last June. More recently, claims to have debunked the entire thing.

@marshmellomusic, or who ever manages his official Instagram account, commented on my first Shaky Beats postimage
So I reached out to his PR manager who politely let me know that he is not doing interviews at this time. Sadly, we will not be getting the exclusive scoop! At the end of day, who cares? Quite frankly, we got nothing but respect for this ploy that has surely captivated the entire EDM scene. Afterall, the speculation generates endless publicity. BUT we can’t allow all that nonsense to overshadow the music. It goes without saying, Marshmello‘s set will be a banger!! If you don’t believe me allow some of his latest tracks and mixes to sway your opinion. >

Marshmello will be on the Piedmont stage at Shaky Beats @ 6:05 PM on Saturday

Shaky Beats Music Festival May 20th-22nd

Shaky Beats, May 20th-22nd, is the first EDM festival in Downtown Atlanta.

If you haven’t already, be sure to get your tickets!! Advanced 3-Day tickets are still available for just 162 dollars!!