We live in an age where in new music, creativity begins to become lost. It’s like once something becomes really popular, everyone just wants to duplicate and capitalize, forgetting about originality and developing themselves on their own. In a generation like ours, the only way to make change is to force it, and that’s exactly what a ragtag gang of Houston niggas aim to do. Repping the H, Fvmeline aims to change the game by bringing a new sound infusing trap beats with raw lyricism. Formed as a collective of artists from neighboring areas, what ties Fvme together is a love for the game. According to member R.O.A.C.H., Fvmeline is “A group of individuals who love the art form that music creates. It gives us each a voice on how we think, and on how the world moves around us. I honestly think we bring a lot to the table 25/8 and nothing really slows Fvme down.” Members like Odd Orlean$, K_xtic, and KaliaoX put there passion into what they do and it really shows in their music. Below I’ve made a soundcloud playlist of tracks from various members that is really worth a listen. Be on the lookout for these guys, they’re on their way to be the next big thing poppin’.