Civil War gives me mixed feelings, but the good kind. On one hand, there are a lot of writing elements that irk my soul. On the other hand of metal bad ass, there are countless scenes that fill me with glee. Civil War is a Marvel movie, so it’s obviously not bad, just made with some bad habits. The first scene with the Avengers is a spectacular example of what I want in team-ups. The group has witty banter with one another but have good synergy. Actions between members in fights feel natural, rather than fighting on their own but in a general vicinity. Crossbones was a pretty good way to start the flame of war. Though the aftermath is not of a happy nature.
In the midst of a pity party is the embodiment of how I try to flirt, Vision. You remember Vision, the red robot with immense power that wielded Thor’s hammer? Well now he is decked out in a sweater, looking fly (people still say fly right?). Vision is such an awkward mess when it comes to Scarlet Witch. Dude says some silver tongue crafted words but doesn’t stop and keeps going until it’s just dorky. He is adorable but if you think about one line of dialogue, he’s a jump scare. Spoilers for a funny scene: Vision phases through the wall and Scarlet Witch jumps and says “Vision, I told you to stop doing that.” How often does he just pop into her room unannounced? Hell, if that was me, I’d probably freak and think it was Satan in a sweater.
Anywho, Tony runs into a mother who lost her son when the Avengers fought Ultron. Tony has never put any consideration, apparently, into the crossfire that happened when the Avengers assemble because this makes him upset. It just so happens that the U.N. wants to put a leash on the Avengers after the Crossbones incident. The leash is that the Avengers can only act if the U.N. says so and must follow acts the U.N. wants them to. Spoilers: It just so happens that Agent Carter, Captain America’s girlfriend during the war, has passed away. Also, it just so happens that Captain America hears a speech given by his new love indicating that you should always stay on your own path.
This movie has a lot of “it just so happens that” moments but mostly in the beginning. They happen in such rapid succession that you’d think it’s a scheme. After the U.N. meeting, Bucky, or the Winter Soldier, is said to be the attacker and T’challa, or Black Panther, wants vengeance. Crossbones incident was the flame, but the Bucky incident was the last marshmallow falling into the flame.
The action in this movie is beyond top notch. There are stunts incorporated that are pretty damn cool to see on screen. The choreography to the fights make you want to learn how one is so talented with a shield. We also get to see characters use their powers more and what exactly they do.
The story is pretty good for the most part except when it comes to which side you’re rooting for. I understand that it’s a Captain America movie so he needs to get the win but holy crap does Team Ironman get demonized by the second half. At first, you can see where both sides are coming from until you see how screwed up the government is. Hell, even Iron Man disobeys the government in this movie and doesn’t let them know his course of action. In a movie where it’s about ideologies and which team you’re on, it doesn’t even seem like some people are even sure.
So the movie doesn’t have an awful story, it’s just clunky. Civil War is saved by character interactions, dialogue, and quiet moments. I can’t believe it when I say it but Winter Soldier and Falcon are riots. Iron Man, of course, has his usual charm but Bucky and Falcon are like the friends of a mutual friend. They only know what they heard from their friend about each other, but have these great moments together that make you think Cap, Falcon, and Bucky need a sitcom.
Civil War does have some well done intense scenes where you could feel murderous intent. You’re on the edge of your seat anytime a fight occurs because you feel the urgency the characters feel. There is a quiet scene towards the climax that triggers something rare for films to do. The scene is very quiet and you can feel for the character, almost as if you are about to have a breakdown because you know the character wants to.
Speaking of which, you really feel for both Captain America and Iron Man. I’m Team Cap, but during the movie, you could tell that Iron Man wanted to be helpful. Iron Man spoke with such conviction an emotion that you can tell he doesn’t want to fight. Captain America never changed his footing, believing that Bucky should get a trial. Captain America doesn’t think the government should restrict the Avengers from protecting those in harm.
Spider-Man and Peter Parker are in Civil War, by the way. I know I said both names but it’s because I didn’t think we’d get as much as we did for Peter. Peter Parker, in the MCU, has only been Spider-Man for 6 months and is already getting recruited by Iron Man. Hell, Spider-Man’s suit in the movie is actually made by Iron Man. I think this helps better explain how Peter gets his suit without being an expert at costumes or getting ratted out by the person he gets it from. Civil War also demonstrates how talented Spider-Man is but lacking in experience. Spider-Man goes two to two with Cap and does pretty well. He even catches a punch from Bucky’s metal arm, treats it like nothing, and Bucky has the biggest “oh shit” face ever. I honestly think this new Spider-Man is the one we’ve been looking for.
The after credits scenes aren’t all that much to talk about. There’s a Spider-Man thing that die-hard fans of the wall crawler will enjoy, but not for everyone.
All in all, Civil War was a great ride that never felt like it was going too fast or slow. Are there some messy story elements? Sure, but I think it was more important for character dynamics. Characters felt more flushed out and came out better for it. I highly recommend going to see Civil War, it’s definitely worth the price of admission.