Aesop Rock came on to the music scene in the year 2000 and it was very clear to anyone who listened that he was going to change the game. His first major album, Float, was partially self produced and featured other artists like Dose One. From his very first release Aesop solidified his place in the hip hop game both as an emcee and a producer.
With every subsequent release it seemed as though his vocabulary and ability to paint intricate pictures with his words grew. This is one of the only artists I have ever heard who’s songs I have to rewind constantly to make sure I heard it correctly.
Aesop’s music has matured exponentially over the last 16 years. Even his last release, Skelethon, (probably my least favorite in his catalogue) was still impressive from an artistic standpoint.
His latest album, The Impossible Kid, dropped last weekend. This is yet another album where Aesop himself handled the production, which makes the whole project that much more impressive. Along with the release Rock posted a link on social media to an album stream (with a twist).
The entire album is set to a miniature shot-for-shot remake of Stanley Kubrick‘s classic film, The Shining. American director Rob Shaw took on the daunting task and I for one think it was a success.

Aesop Rock
The Impossible Kid
Released 4/29/16 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

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Watch the album stream/mini movie remake below: