It’s Cinco de Cuatro! Which for the non-initiated, is a fictional holiday created in one of our favorite TV series, Arrested Development as the Bluth family’s response to Cinco de Mayo. As such, in the spirit of this fictional holiday, we at Teal Cheese would like to present our favorite jokes from the show (in no particular order)!


Brandon: This running joke is quite possibly my favorite from the series. Being so prevalent in the show after Ann Veal (Played by Mae Whitman) was introduced that it just stuck with me. Any time I hear her voice or see her in anything else, the first thing that comes to mind is always “Her?”.

Nick: Have you ever had that girl/boyfriend that your family and friends just don’t like (for no apparent reason)? In the series George Michael (Michael Cera) starts dating a girl named Ann and everyone (especially his father) questions his decision every step of the way. Many times the family forgets she’s even around. This was one of the more relatable jokes in the show.

The Chicken Dance

Brandon: The first time that G.O.B. (played by Will Arnett) did his version of the chicken dance I was caught so unawares by it that I lost it. Each member of the Bluth family has their own absurdly over the top chicken dance and to quote Michael Bluth (played by Jason Bateman), “Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?”.

Nick: This is definitely not the chicken dance you see at weddings. Every single version of this dance is so completely absurd, yet I can see my family members making up something like this. Oh, and all the chicken imitations are complete with noises.

“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Brandon: Usually said by G.O.B., this joke expanded to other members of the Bluth family. A running joke in the series, this is one of the many jokes I’ve adopted as my own.

Nick: This is one of those things I think we’ve all caught ourselves at least thinking. G.O.B. exclaims this out loud to himself countless times during the show. Will Arnett’s delivery turns what could be a boring repeat line into something endlessly funny.

Tobias is a “never nude”

Nick: David Cross’ character Tobias Funke is a therapist turned aspiring actor. It seems like every line he utters is a double entandre. There are many points in the show where his sexuality is hilariously ambiguous. Wearing jean shorts under all of his clothes, his insecurity is played out by identifying as a “never nude”. This makes for some really funny encounters with his wife and some very uncomfortable scenes.

Brandon: Tobias’ inability to be nude is one of my personal favorite running gags in the show. Tobias being a never nude sets the stage for multiple jokes and interactions that are just golden. For instance when Zach Braff (most famous for his role in Scrubs as J.D.) guest starred on Arrested Development, Tobias ends up finding out that Phillip Litt (Zach’s role) was a never nude.

Lucille’s wink.

Nick: I think we’ve all encountered someone who tries to be cool and wink at a girl at a bar but ends up just closing both eyes. Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) takes it a step further and makes absolutely everyone uncomfortable with her inability to wink correctly. There’s even a point where she mistakes a warning on a medicine bottle for a “winky eye suggestion face”.

Brandon: This is one of the many jokes that my family has stolen and most definitely over used. Lucille’s wink is so over the top and hilarious, I can’t help myself from doing my own “Lucille wink” any time the opportunity to wink presents itself.

“They’re not tricks, they’re illusions!”

Nick: G.O.B. proves countless times throughout the series that he is one of the worst magicians ever. One thing he takes very seriously is how you reference his work. Everyone seems to think he performs “tricks” but in his words “Tricks are something a whore does for money!”

Brandon: Yet another joke my family has taken as our own. Calling the tricks a magician performs illusions has transferred over to completely replacing the word trick with illusion. Every time my dog does “tricks” to get a treat, we call it illusions.

Lindsay tries to cry.

Nick: Caught up in the material and vanity, Lindsay Bluth is always trying to prove her humanity. Whether it’s by sitting up in a tree to protest or forcing herself to cry. As much as she might give effort, she can’t seem to get her tear ducts to work.

Brandon: I think we all know at least one person who tries to cry. Lindsay is that person. But instead of masterfully faking the tears, something she used to be able to do, she just can’t.

“Steve Holt!”

Nick: We first meet this character when George Michael and Maeby are auditioning for a play at school. The lead role is given to a boy named Steve Holt. Any time you hear his name throughout the series he feels to need to exclaim it out loud jut so you don’t forget.

Brandon: This joke evolved way more than I thought it would. The way Steve Holt exclaims his name throughout the show transfers onto many other names. For instance Steve playing Beatrice for the play at school, multiple other characters exclaiming Steve Holt, and more.

Lucille 1 and Lucille 2

Nick: Lucille 1 is Michael Bluth’s cold and posh mother. Her best friend, also named Lucille is played by none other than Liza Minnelli. Lucille 2 becomes the object of love interest for Buster Bluth at one point, despite her violent vertigo. There are many situations of mistaken identity which of course lead to horror and lots of laughs for the audience.

Brandon: I think we are all guilty of having two friends with the same names that we just tack a number to the end of their name. In my case there are way too many Nicks that I talk to on a regular basis. At least none of them are a love interest like Buster with Lucille 2. The many Bluths mistaking which Lucille is their mother happens more often than you’d think. Mainly at charity auctions. Always charity auctions.

George Sr. Likes Prison

Nick: We can all safely assume that prison is an awful place. George Bluth Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) gets sent behind bars for building homes for Saddam Hussein. While in prison his family visits him and finds out he’s getting a bit too comfortable. Baseball tournaments, ice cream sandwiches, he finds many reasons to not want to leave.

Brandon: He is having “The time of [his] life”… literally. George Sr. seems to really enjoy prison. Like way more you’d think he would. Obviously he also doesn’t want to go back and tries to escape multiple times when he is in the outside world with his guards. But when he’s there, he’s seemingly having a fun time. I always thought it was extremely hilarious that he would seemingly enjoy prison and then turn around and try to escape as many times as he has.