On August 31st 2007, Crypton Future Media released a program entitled VOCALOID 2. This vocal program was nicknamed Hatsune Miku in the Japanese voice bank and voiced entirely by Saki Fujita, a well known voice actor. The motivation of Hatsune was to create “an android div in the near-future where songs are lost”. The program was originally aimed at professional producers, but gradually gained some amateur producer attention with some official albums. Within a year, Hatsune had  unexpected commercial success starting with Supercell’s album featuring Hatsune Miku in all songs including her most popular, “World Is Mine”. After this, Hatsune had a page devoted to her on numerous social media outlets and was the first popular Japanese vocaloid.

Once the vocaloid gained all of this attention, she was enlisted to open as the first vocaloid hologram for Lady Gaga’s 2014 ARTPOP tour along with BABYMETAL. These weren’t Hatsune’s first performances though. Every year she does a EXPO tour with a full live band to various countries. This year’s EXPO includes 8 cities (her biggest US tour so far) with electronic opener, Anamanaguchi. Ticket prices range from $75 to $150 for one show with several happening each tour date.

Upon my first listen, Hatsune sounded very electronic and seemed to have no depth whatsoever. It’s around the 5th listen I found myself practically singing and dancing along. The idea of a pop star who can live eternally is a very interesting idea and millions of people are hooked onto her dynamic sound. The official Facebook page has reached over 2,500,000 likes since it’s start in 2008.  To this day, Hatsune Miku has been featured in over 1,051 songs and had 796 cataloged albums. Hatsune’s rise to fame can not be ignored. Each year Hatsune is gaining more and more attention and has been used in several US commercials. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a full 20 city tour from Hatsune and her band next year! Personally, I think you should check out the song below and see if it’s your style of music. You may find yourself singing along in a listen or two. And if you really want to get hardcore, she has her own games that you can check out (they are mostly rhythm games).