Yung MC Tyler, aka Ed Grey, aka Odd Orlean$, is a lyricist from Houston, Tx. Repping the Fvmeline Collective, he along with his crew are bringing new life and hard bars to a scene owned by rappers like the Sauce Twinz and Sosamann. Mixing hard bars with dope 808’s is the key a Fvmeline, a group of young, hungry Houstonites trying to make a name for themselves in the game. I was able to get Tyler for a few moments to discuss his career, Fvme, and his goals for the future.

TC: How’d you get into rapping?

Odd: Well, ever since I was a kid I was kind of big into music. I remember when I was a kid, I got a copy of All Eyez on Me and The Slim Shady (LP, or EP I can’t remember but the one that blew up), and I just fell in love with the music. I didn’t really like people so I kept to myself and I wrote songs from like, middle school on to get out my emotions about my life.

TC: Damn, so you always kinda just felt it huh?

Odd: In a way. I guess I identify with rap because in my opinion it’s music for the underdogs. Which to some is weird, because I’m white I guess, but for me it just worked. Growing up in the south, at least where I’m from, we didn’t really have a problem with each other over race. It was an us verses them type of thing. Rap allows you to talk without any restraints. It’s such a new genre that there really aren’t many rules to it, other than just being yourself.

TC: I can feel that. Like rap can bring out a voice in you that you didn’t think you had.

Odd: Exactly! Plenty of us grew up without shit, getting treated like shit, and it lets us make a change for the better due to that pain.

TC: Is that kinda what brought fvmeline together? Similar environment and passion for bars?

Odd: Well, I sort of hopped on to the group. Like I said, I didn’t really fuck with people for the longest. But we started technically as kids. Kxtic and NA$A grew up together, and they had been rapping since they came out the womb basically. But that was Skyline. We officially became Fvmeline when Kalio and Kxtic merged our own two groups together. We all went to highschool together, and just through friends that rap, we sort of just made a collective. But, in simplest terms, we all just love rap. It’s allowed us to have hopes we’d never thought of.

TC: I heard in that video from your performance last week that somebody’s famous in Mexico? Haha.

Odd: Hell yea, we all have a little clout down there. Shoutout to Gooti Records, they been fucking with us, especially Kxtic and my lil bro BeeJay aka Yung Trvplord. He’s got damn near 30k on a video we shot around town.

TC: Who’s the 15 year old kid that was on stage with y’all?

Odd: Broooo Muthafuckin BPhat SaucePhat swagging. That was his first show! He’s this crazy ass youngin, but he’s dope. He really shows what hiphop is all about. I can’t think of anyone as young as him with that much confidence in himself performing like he did.

TC: So who kinda heads fvme?

Odd: That’s a difficult question. In a way, nobody. Technically Kxtic if I had to say one person. We aren’t your traditional rap group though. Like how Wu Tang was, but at the same time we are. We all have our own swag, fans, etc. Fameline really acts as a collective to share that. Fameline is basically a brand if that makes sense. And we all contribute to what it means. We all try and do everything within ourselves so we can be self-reliant. Young Scoo, Sunny G, ROACH, THC, and Kxtic do videos. BeeJay, myself, and Kxtic make covers. Oh, and Kalio, Kxtic, DJ Ossify aka Nate the Great, and I produce. We all pretty much direct our own videos too.

TC: Damn, y’all keep it all in house. So going back to your career, what personal goals do you have?

Odd: Definitely haha I try not to be materialistic, I feel like that’s how you lose the spark. My goal are just to provide a nice life for my loved ones, and to put out good music. Currently, I really want to do a song with Travis Scott and Lil Yachty. Here’s hoping they see this lol

TC: What do you think sets you and fvmeline apart from Houston’s rap scene, like sauce twinz and shit lmao

Odd: Lyrics, honestly. I mean don’t get me wrong I dig them. But we have the talent to blend trap and lyrical/conscious. Not many cats do, at least in the same capacity.

TC: If you had to compare yourself to anyone in the game who’d it be?

Odd: That’s really hard to say. I’ve been told I have a Curren$y vibe going for me, but in my mind being objective, I feel like my music is a mixture. I have my ballin, upbeat swag, like shit from the South. I have my pain, and my revolutionary parts like the West. And, I have my lyrical raps, my hardcore let’s fuck up a beat like the East coast. But it’s all blended together, that’s a hard one lol.

TC: And lastly, what mark do you wanna leave on the rap game?

Odd: That no matter who you are, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what your fears are about yourself, you can do anything you want with enough hard work. I want to go down as one of the greats. Like I want my name to be looked at like Outkast, Gang Starr. I want to be the reason somebody doesn’t give up on themselves