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Monthly Archives: May 2016

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #33 – Weekly Wrap Up

First, in the gaming realm, Mortal Combat developer NetherRealm is rumored to be working on Injustice: Gods Among Us 2. According to a report citing anonymous sources, the game will use the same game engine as Mortal Combat X. If this game is in fact

Dashboard Confessional- First New Song in 7 Years

Last June, Chris Carrabba did an interview with Entertainment Weekly where he revealed that a new DC album was in the works. Earlier this May he spoke to them again about this new record and how it’s coming along: “I don’t have any idea of

KICK START Sunday #21- 5 Protein Filled Breakfasts For People Who Hate Eggs

We all know breakfast is the “most important meal of the day”. It goes without saying that getting a large amount of protein at the first meal will help energize your day. Eggs are a breakfast staple as well as a well known source of

NES and SNES Bluetooth Game Controllers

Taking gaming to a super nostalgic level, tech company 8bitdo has created two pieces that will take you back to a simpler time. Combining today’s technology with 80’s and 90’s aesthetic, the NES30 and SNES30 game controllers work by connecting to your devices via Bluetooth or

Brandon’s Top 10 Music Videos

I love music videos. Serious ones, funny ones and everything in between. In the spirit of that, I will be sharing my personal favorite music videos! Half of them will be funny (or at least what i think is funny) and the other half will

Shaky Beats Music Festival 2016: Day One!!!

The rain started when we walked into Shaky Beats on Friday. Thankfully, there was a friendly fest attendee with a doppler app assuring everyone the storm would pass shortly. To think there was a time when we attended festivals without being able to utilize so many

Gucci Mane Drops New Song “FIRST DAY OUT THA FEDS”

Yesterday was a momentous day for rap, with the legendary Gucci Mane being released from prison after serving majority of his 3 year bid on gun charges. Being the hardest working man in the game, he never let prison stop him from releasing music, putting

This Summer’s Travel Destinations

Summer is fast approaching and our friend Alex Bondar brings us some ideas of where to go on your vacation. As finals conclude and the rain slows down, everyone’s favorite season arrives: summer! The most popular time to go to music festivals, see new places,

Just Released | Andrés (formerly Terra Alive) – “Darth Binks”

Yesterday, Andrés (formerly Terra Alive) released his first song after being re-branded, “Darth Binks”! The song is the first single for his debut album under the new name. For those worried that the project will be changing, it wont. According to Andrés himself when asked about