Aubrey Drake Graham has done it once again. I begin this post even before the official release of the project, as I stream it over Apple Music, awaiting my opportunity to purchase and download it for myself. Even now, 3 tracks in, beginning the 4th, I’m speechless. The emotion that hits you on these songs hasn’t been felt since Take Care. The production is flawless, every note is thought out and full of confidence, each track fitting perfectly, there’s no moment of awkwardness or unease like what plagued Nothing Was The Same in my opinion. Lyrically, this is project leaves Drake at his most open and endearing, a new level of authenticity and craftmanship. You can physically feel everything he wrote, how he broke down every wall to deliver some of his most personal work. This is quite possibly Drake’s best work but I’ll go into detail once I’ve had more time to listen thoroughly. I’ll take a week or so to fully absorb everything this project has to offer and have a full detailed review soon.