Saosin returned with a bang earlier this year with their original vocalist Anthony Green returning to front the band for their first new release in nearly seven years, Along the Shadow. Out of the gate, their first single “The Silver String” did an excellent job of generating excitement for the already highly-anticipated new record. The first track rode the stylistic line that the band followed while fronted by former vocalist Cove Reber. However, less than a month later the band released a second track from the album, “Racing Toward a Red Light.” This second single quickly gratified the band’s promise of a “heavy album,” showcasing instruments littered with dissonance and chaotic energy and an abundance of soaring, aggressive vocals. Any fan of the band’s discography would likely agree with me in saying the song could easily claim rights as the heaviest track the band has debuted to this day. While the new music is still mindful in catering to the Cove-era fans, Saosin is doing an excellent job of incorporating heavier vibes reminiscent of the 2003 release that broke the band into the post-hardcore scene, Translating the Name. Both tracks were released with music videos of the band performing the songs in a practice space that you can view below.

The band has posted a new video following the same theme of the last two for their new single, “Control and the Urge to Pray” which appeared as a playable track on the band’s Spotify early this morning. Stream all three videos below!

While it maintains an edge of excitement, the overall mood of the song is more reserved in comparison to the other two singles. The song kicks off with a straightforward harmonized melody only to drop into a quiet, ambient verse where Anthony showcases his lower vocal range accompanied by a single delayed guitar and minimal drums. Shortly after, we are met with a powerfully driven chorus as well as a short transitional break sharpened by a barrage of Green’s unmistakably harsh yells. The song keeps the listener interested throughout by utilizing an abundance of dynamics, energetic changes, and stylistic juxtaposition. Stream this song and any of Saosin’s new music at the Spotify player below and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

Along the Shadow releases digitally and on CD through Epitaph Records on May 20 and on vinyl June 17.  You can place a preorder for the album here and find merchandise, tickets for the band’s upcoming tour with Taking Back Sunday, and more at the band’s official website.




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