Daniel Gourski took music production to a new level. He was watering his plants and noticed that the needles on his barrel cactus made some cool sounds.
So he made the not-so-obvious decision to create a trap song using only those sounds. After he noticed the initial interesting noise he began to form a melody around it.
The song he created is comprised of only the sounds of cactus needles and an underlying bass rhythm. He did not alter their pitch in post production although he did equalize them and use a compressor (an effects unit used in electronic music to reduce loud sounds or amplify quiet ones).
Gourski found a deep 808 bass line and it was off to the races.
Believe it or not he was not the first one to use succulents to make music. Back in the 70’s there was actually a genre known as “amplified cactus”. It was pioneered by an American composer named John Cage. He used cacti and other plants to create the songs “Child of Tree” and “Branches” as part of a musical experiment.

Watch Daniel Gourski creating “Cactus Trap” and hear the full track below: