It’s been 7 years since the last Fall Of Troy release, and I was very skeptical when I heard the band was releasing new material. This band helped form the sound of post hardcore as we know it, as well as help bring it to a mainstream audience. There was so much riding on this record: the return of the band, the possibility of them becoming relevant once again in the mainstream post hardcore scene- it’s almost too surreal that they’ve decided to release something new so long after their Hiatus. That’s not to say I was not excited the band was back in the studio. The live performance I saw last September at Union Transfer was spectacular. Touring would have been enough for me, as I could rock out to live versions of some of the tracks that made me fall in love with this band.

I remember hearing 401k and feeling a little lackluster after our first interaction with each other. It felt so mind-shakingly weird hearing a new track from this band I thought, for a while, were done for good with making new music. But the more I listened to it, I got used to the newer style the boys in TFOT were writing. I haven’t been this excited for a record since DFA 1979’s return back in 2014. Hopefully these guys will stay more relevant.

OK is what In The Unlikely Event tried to achieve. It combines the old-school post-hardcore elements of what the band was known for: heavy, shreddy, chaotic guitar runs and riffs, like on Auto Repeater, or Inside Out, with heavier, more rock inspired sound like on songs like 401k or Side By Side. The use of electronic elements have me speechless, as they’re tasteful and add more depth rather than take away from them like how I feel with most electronic interludes. Your Loss probably has one of the most beautiful intros of any of their past tracks. The breakdowns still slam on this album, and although they’re not as technically heavy as on MacCully MacCulkin or Ghostship part IV, they definitely contain all the angst and power we’ve come to expect from The Fall Of Troy. Thomas Erak is still ripping away, and his vocals sound better than they have before! Tim Ward is still pouring his heart out, and Andrew Forsman has the pocket locked down.

This is probably the band’s most progressive album, not in the sense of musical progressiveness, but rather, progressive in their ability to adapt to the modern post-hardcore audience. The songs from start to finish are just enough to leave you wanting more as the album continues, and even weaker tracks like Savior and Love Sick still shine out with what the band offers best. They may not be as fast as they used to be, but they understand what the market is looking for in one of their albums. I suspect this is what the band wanted to do originally with In The Unlikely Event, but I also feel that Erak was rushing to get something out to focus on his other project on the time Just Like Vinyl.

The fact that they’ve made the album free to download here definitely shows they understand their audience. They understand we’ve waited for something of substance for a very long time, and they delivered. OK is definitely more than just ok. It’s the album I’ve been waiting about 4 years for, and I can say it blew away all expectations I had.

Come back next week when I do a full review of the album! Hope to hear what you guys think about it soon!

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