Well, they’re back. And with a vengeance.

The Fall Of Troy have released another new track, Inside Out, which they teased in their “Adventour Time” tour to all of us eagerly waiting fans. This single is definitely much more of a step-up from the last single released “401k,” which is definitely the wild ride you would expect from the Fall Of Troy, which was missing a lot of the chaotic charm and musicality the band has been known for, or at least from what we saw on Doppelganger, and saw way too much of on In The Likely Event. Not only that but there are some refreshingly heavy Black Sabbath-style back and forth breakdowns that move into the flow-y Thomas Erak guitar wankery that we longtime fans of the band have come to expect. The entire video itself is a love letter to the longtime listeners, and features concert footage, as well as footage of the band goofing off and having a good time in the studio. Erak and Ward definitely have their chemistry back, and Forsman has never sounded more on top.

Honestly I’m just glad the band is back together, and making music.
You can expect to find the rest of the album OK out on 4/20, where I’ll be doing a heavy, in-depth analysis of the album.

Here’s the last single they released, 401k