With the announcement for this year’s Vans Warped Tour lineup, we’ve seen some hype regarding bands people are excited to catch this year. In the spirit of that, here is my personal top 10 list of the bands that I am excited to be catching on Warped this coming summer:

1. Wage War

Wage War is one of those bands that I cannot get enough of. After hearing their second single “Twenty One” and catching them live on The Fresh Faces tour I’ve been hooked. Their debut album, “Blueprints”, was one of my personal albums of the year. I’ll be stoked to be seeing them again with hopefully a much larger and more interactive crowd.

2. Ice Nine Kills

I wanted to catch Ice Nine Kills set for The Fresh Faces tour but ended up having to miss it. I’m still bummed that I had to leave, since their album “Every Trick In The Book” has been one of my listening staples since it came out.

3. Capsize

Me being the melodic hardcore lover that I am, I can’t see myself missing Capsize’s set this summer. I’ve never seen them (oddly enough) and it’ll be fun seeing them in a festival setting rather than a club setting for the first time.

4. Veil of Maya

Continuing the trend of bands I’ve never seen live but jam regularly, Veil of Maya is most likely going to be one of my favorite sets. I’ve been a long time Progressive Metal fan so it’ll be cool to see one of my favorites on Warped. Something that I honestly thought would never happen.

5. Hail the Sun

Every time I’ve seen the guys in Hail the Sun I’ve been absolutely blown away. So obviously I couldn’t miss out on their Warped set for the life of me.

6. Silent Planet

Yet another band that I’ve never seen live that I’m excited to finally be seeing. Silent Planet is great and it’s going to be a fun set for sure.

7. Assuming We Survive

I’ve been listening to Assuming We Survive since early 2013. For some reason, I’ve never actually seen them live. Needless to say, I couldn’t miss their set this year. And probably buy some merch… Definitely buy some merch.

8. Volumes

Yet another band I’ve never seen. “No Sleep” was one of my most listened to albums along with Periphery “II: This Time It’s Personal” before delving into progressive post hardcore and eventually melodic hardcore.

9. Issues

Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn are one of my favorite vocal duos out of all the bands I listen to (that have two vocalists). The last time I saw them they absolutely killed it so I’m excited to see them again.

10. Tonight Alive

Another band I’ve seen that I absolutely adore live. I’m excited to be seeing the Australian band again and can count on losing my voice again.

Let us know which 10 bands you’re most excited to see for this year’s Vans Warped Tour with the contact form below!