Rich is one of the most driven hip hop artists I’ve met over the last few years. This guy is constantly playing shows, releasing music, and interacting with fans. Hip hop from South Florida is beginning to blow up and Rapper Rich is a front runner of the scene.

N: What rock and EDM acts are you into?

R: “I’m into a lot of rock stuff. I love Incubus, Deftones, Stone Temple Pilots, and Mr. Bungle to name a few.
I really love underground electronic music. Huge fan of Stacey Pullen, Matt Tolfrey, John Digweed, Nick Warren and guys like that. Having the privilege to live in South Florida a lot of my friends make that list as well like Donnie Lowe my long time buddy Michael Gin and Torin Lawson are all great acts everyone should check out.”

N: Who’s been your favorite artist to perform with?

R: “I have rocked a lot of great shows with so many amazing artists. I love sharing the stage with PoorAmerika, my cousin D-R, SIN, Prince L, Freak The Disco and of course my brother Mr. Compliment. All talented individuals in their own right.”

N: What’s your favorite city to perform in? Why?

R: “I would have to say Dallas. The amount of love and respect they have for artists and performers is incredible. You can perform for any crowd there and you’ll get tons of amazing feedback. Plus all the venues are very unique and did I mention…..BBQ.”

N: What’s on your playlist right now?

R: “Currently I have been listening to Awake EP by Bibi Borja it’s only a 4 track little tape but there is so much soul put into it. Kendrick is always on there and a lot of old Wu Tang and hip hop standards. Anything Blue Note is always in rotation and some older soulection stuff as well. The Waste Tape is something to check out as well. It’s an acid trip via hip hop. Peep that.”

N: Who are you favorite Florida based artists?

R: “D-R or better known as The Waste Of Sperm (yes he actually goes by that) is def my top favorite. I also fuck with Mouf and Bugzy from PayUp! Game. Cherele is dope, SIN, Chief Tone, Floda and Drew Swace.”

N: What is your writing and recording process? 

R: “Thats case by case. It really all depends on where I am (physically and mentally) sometimes I am a frantic writer pacing all over the place or I can be the calm writer sitting in a chair smoking a joint and just relaxing into the process. I’ve been a writer even before music. I always wrote compisition and poetry so sometimes its in my house other times it’s outside at a park.
Recording is my favorite thing next to performing. I just got on Ableton not too long ago so my process is a little different then what it used to be. But im sure its all the same for any recording artist. To me it’s all about the vibe I either record alone or with one other person to make sure the energy is proper.
Also it depends on how the song sounds like. I’m not one of those artist who relies on their adlibs to get them through a record so its pretty cut and dry. Write, record, mix, master and call it a day.”

N: Tell me about the recording process for your latest single, WYGTS.

R: “So we got together at The Chateau (our studio) and Compliment and SIN already had the beat made up and they had a few ideas. I got there after the fact and they were like “What do you think of this” so at first the drums were a little hard to get used to but I really fell in love with them. SIN already had a few bars written and I kinda fed of that. So we worked late into Thursday night wrapped up and linked back up on Friday. Half way through the second session we had our verses and the hook made up.
After about an hour of practicing we laid the verses down sent it to SIN and he had it all mixed and mastered on Sunday. That was a very easy process cause the energy was so organic. Love when that kind of mesh happens naturally.”

N: What’s next for you? Any releases in the works? 

R: “Oh yeah. Got a ton of shows lined up and Comp and I are working on our third album together titled All Things Considered. Its kind of inspired by the talk show on NPR. Its definitely gonna be something realLy left field and fun. Looking forward to sharing it with everybody once its completed.”

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