Recommended Tracks: Do You Want To Get High, King Of The World, L.A. Girlz (basically fuzzy Pinkerton-y goodness)

So last year we were graced with Everything Will Be Alright In The End by Weezer, which I thought was a great step in the right direction. Most of the tracks were highly listenable, and harkened back to the golden days of nerdy grungy goodness! And with this new LP, we’re seeing more and more of Rivers returning back to what made Weezer so interesting in a world of muddled annunciation and raspy angsty fuzz guitar.

“Weezer (The White Album)” is what I predict we would have gotten if there wasn’t such a negative backlash on Pinkerton. In fact, I would go on to say that this is the spiritual successor to Pinkerton that we as fans have been craving since the Green Album. The similarities between the two albums are astounding, from the psuedo-emo lyrics found on each track about living in SoCal, the all too familiar bells on “California Girls,” and quiet guitar intro in the beginning of “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing.” In fact my favorite song on the entire album would have to be “Do You Want To Get High?” which I’m definitely sure was just an unfinished Pinkerton B-side. The solo, the nostalgic chord progression, and heavy distorted synths screams back to the angsty and heartbrokenness of “Getchoo.”

The other strengths of the album are the fact that it takes the catchy, sugary, poppiness of albums like The Red Album, Maladroit, and possibly even The Green Album (the bane of my existence) on the main single for the album “Thank God For Girls.” The difference in this track from something like “Hash Pipe” or “Pork And Beans” is the fact that obviously Rivers isn’t focused on trying too hard to write a catchy poppy mess, or something so quirky and silly that it’s irritating to listen to more than once. The song shines as a radio hit that takes a slight nod toward social commentary, but also surprisingly works with being totally in your face about it. I could write a whole article about why the song works as a single for this band, but I’ll save that for another article as well.

All in all, The White Album is a solid release for Weezer. Originally I was skeptical of another weezer album coming out so soon, after EWBAITE was just released last year, but I was happily surprised as a Weezer fan. This has something for everyone on it, whether you want the quirky, poppy fun sound from the mid-2000’s, the heavy and grungy rock sound from the blue album and Maladroit, or the soul-crushing sadness and raw emotion of Pinkerton and Songs From The Black Hole (a compilation of Pinkerton B-sides and Rivers Cuomo formed to create the original concept album that became pinkerton).  I can’t wait to hear where the band goes next on there musical path, and hopefully we can see something that really stands out as the band continually apologizes for “Island In The Sun.”