So I know it’s April Fool’s day and all but The Fall of Troy (TFOT) just dropped a new track. At first I thought it was a joke but this is 100% legitimate and they will be releasing their new album “OK” on 4/20/16. The new song, titled “401k”, is the first song they’ve released since 2009. I’d say more about it if I knew anything else but I don’t. Their website (HERE) will have more info as the release date approaches so be sure to keep your eye on that as well as TFOT’s social media (links below).

Personally, this track is my favorite thing I’ve heard from them. Which is probably some form of blasphemy but I am absolutely loving this new track. If this is any indicator of how good the rest of the album will be then I’m fairly certain that this will be on my album of the year list. Check out the new song below and be sure to follow all of their social media platforms if you aren’t already.