Following some opening spots on A Lot Like Birds‘ tour (with Hail the Sun, The Ongoing Concept, and Stolas) earlier this month, the newest addition to Blue Swan Records releases their second music video.
This song marks the band’s first official release with BSR and the track, “Different Fires” is off of their upcoming split EP with Adventurer.
This is probably my favorite song that Wolf & Bear have released so far. Mostly because it’s such an insane mix of genres. There are elements of all their label mates as well as some much harder (very apparent) influences.
The music video was filmed at the first stop on the aforementioned tour at The Boardwalk in Orangeville, California.
Check out the video for “Different Fires” below and don’t miss Wolf & Bear on a short tour at the end of April. Dates are listed below!


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*Cinematography by Atrocious Works Productions