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Renown post-hardcore forerunners Thrice are officially off hiatus and are in the process of creating a new album. Having been on hiatus since the summer of 2012, this is great news for fans of the band. The future of Thrice was uncertain when they announced the temporary break nearly four years ago. While each band member stayed active

“To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere”

in their own ways musically, from vocalist Dustin Kensrue’s solo worship and holiday carol releases, to Eddie Breckenridge’s work with Angels and Airwaves, Thrice remained silent for a solid three year period. However, they updated their social media pages in early 2015 with nothing but a simple picture depicting the band playing their instruments inside a recording studio emblazoned with the words “Thrice 2015.” Much later in the year, this was followed with a series of updates that came to conclusion with a picture reading “Thrice: New Album 2016.”

The band has since announced several tours with support from La Dispute and Gates beginning in June. They have also released a short 15-second teaser video on their social networks of what one can only assume is a clip from the new album. A release date has yet to be announced for #TBEITBN but it looks promising that it may be available by early summer in time for the newly announced tours.

You can follow the band to stay informed about the new album and everything else on their official website Thrice.net, their Facebook account, or on Twitter and Instagram (@Thrice).