I’m Not Sick But I’m Not Well: A Retrospective On Harvey Danger

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It was around 7:30 on a Tuesday, when I found out the news. The date was March 8th, 2016I opened up my facebook app on the train back to campus, like usual and flipped through the usual clickbait and status updates. Then I passed over an article that proved too shocking to be true. Aaron Huffman, co-founder of Harvey Danger, found dead at the age of 43 years old. For those who don’t know the band by name, I’m sure you’ll remember them for the late 90’s alt rock hit, Flagpole sitta’; a quirky song that some say is a purely meaningless tale about masturbation and sexuality, while others would say it’s about making waves in a world of conformity.

The album the single comes from, 1997’s “Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?” is considered the band’s biggest release, and as the years went on, Harvey Danger would go on to release 2 more albums and many more EP’s until their breakup in 2009. It was revealed by Sean Nelson, lead singer and keyboardist of Havey Danger, that Huffman had been suffering from an illness (unknown as of yet), for a lengthy and unknown amount of time. Huffman was reported dead this Sunday, due to respiratory Failure.

“Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone” may have been left behind in the late 90’s but the impact the album and “Flagpole Sitta’” have made are definitely apparent in the world of modern emo and pop punk. The seattle quintet has been a staple of 90’s nostalgia and culture, and I for one will be spinning this album all day in their honor.

Keep on Raging Against Machines Aaron.