a2870342391_10Secondhaven is a melodic hardcore band from Brownsville, Texas. Their debut EP, “Wilt” (released March 1st) recently came up during one of my regular forays into the depths of BandCamp. The album art is what originally caught my eye, since it gave me a vibe similar to Counterparts “The Difference Between Hell and Home”. Within seconds of listening to the first track, “Wilt”, I was hooked.

During my first listen (and many subsequent listens thereafter) I couldn’t help but compare this EP to a collection of all of my personal favorite melodic hardcore sounds, but more specifically Counterparts. This isn’t a bad thing at all. Rather than blending into the background with so many “generic” melodic hardcore bands, they take the staples of the genre and make them their own.

Overall, this EP blew me away in almost every way. The build from the first track into the second track alone caught me completely off guard. From that point on I wasn’t able to stop listening to this EP at all. This EP stays fairly heavy both instrumentally and emotionally. There are occasional breaks instrumentally where the band gets to showcase a “softer” side. However, even during the softer moments the lyrics maintain the overall heavy and emotional tone of the EP. The vocals mesh well with the instrumentals. They don’t sound out of place and the types of screams utilized fit the genre well. Tone wise everything sounds great for a debut release. I was actually surprised by how great it sounded. The overall mix is good and everything occupies the space that it should.

Personally, this is probably one of my favorite finds of the year. This EP will most likely find it’s way on my AOTY list in some fashion. I found myself relating very heavily to much of the lyrical content as well. Something that will always happen to an extent with a genre like this. However one song in particular, “Disdain”, hit extremely close to home.

If you like feelsy melodic hardcore do not sleep on this band at all. Be sure to check out all of their social media below and please share the article if you enjoy Secondhaven’s music.

FFO: Counterparts, Stick To Your Guns, Hundredth, Capsize, Defeater, Being as an Ocean

email: secondhavenmusic@gmail.com








Secondhaven is:

Mauri “Matt” Losoya – Vocals
Kieran Krebs – Guitar
David Garcia – Guitar
Chris Rodriguez – Drums