While Florida may be on the map as a hot spot for tourists and vacation goers all over the world, as well as a grand prize vacation on many game shows, it can be quite the drag if you live there. Being born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida I’ve always hated the heat and hated the traffic our lovely tourists brought to the city six months out of the year. It wasn’t until I got older that I came to appreciate how beautiful of a place Southwest Florida can be. With sandy white beaches and swaying palm trees, it doesn’t get any better than this. Now, with that being said unless you like going to the bar to get wasted every night, go to sub-par clubs with the same caliber DJ’s, or listen to your favorite cover band play all the radio rock you can listen to, there is absolutely nothing to do after 10:oopm in this lovely city I live in. With Cape Coral being just a quick fifteen minute drive, it can be a good alternative for things to do. Some venues and bars in Cape Coral are allowed to stay open until 4 A.M. depending on their licensing and if they choose to do so. So, like I sad, this may sound attractive to many of those who love that drunken night life, it’s not for everyone and it’s certainly not for me.




Luckily, there’s hope. While we see a need of entertainment in this city, our good friend Nick Teal is trying to bring some music to the scene. Putting on free shows with good, original music played by local artists that have a background in DJ and production work as well as hip hop, we are trying to give our young people something to do on their night off from school, work, or what have you. While someone is getting behind the wheel wasted at two in the morning, we are offering a chance for people to come out and experience something new and exciting because supporting your local artists is what it’s all about! We are hoping that this sparks some sort of movement throughout Southwest Florida as people are already beginning to see what we can do while we are starting to get calls from venues who want us to book shows for them. I know most of you are already a fan of what we’re doing on the site so if any of you local folks are feeling froggy and want to come out to one of our shows, we really hope to see you there! Thanks for all of your support as we hope to impact our community in a big way.


Join us on March 4th to celebrate Nick’s birthday as well as local rapper Kidd Kwest‘s release of his new mix, Poizon Winter. Details are below, we’ll see you there!