Bassgator (Ace Woodman) is a DJ/Producer from Louisiana. He is currently living in New Orleans and consistently releasing some of the best tracks in the electronic music world.
He has quite a few releases coming up, including one on March 7th on DJ Icey‘s label, Zone Records.
I sat down to speak with him about just that and to get some insight into what makes Bassgator kick.

N: Where did you grow up?

B: “New orleans. Then I moved to San Deigo.”

N: Do you prefer the DJ or producer role?

B: “I started out as a producer back in 2012 and found out quickly that everyone wanted me to DJ. I enjoy playing both roles for different reasons, so I don’t see why I can’t do both.”

N: Who is your favorite artist outside of the EDM world?

B: “Definitely Aerosmith”

N: What was the best show you ever attended?

B: “Shapeshifters. Their whole show was synched up so the lights and the visuals matched the music. At one point there was a giant metal spider than came down from the ceiling. I remember there being a sudden break in the music and when it stopped the lights went out. Everything stopped at once and the spider gave a quick burst of cold mist. Their show was insane.”

N: Wishlist of artists to work with?

B: “I’d really like to make a beat for Die Antwoord. I’d also really like to work with Rell the Soundbender.”

N: How did you link up with DJ Icey?

B: “I made a rap song and he actually put it in one of his mixes called “Get it Girl”. Shortly after that he messaged me on Facebook asking if I wanted to make a release for Zone Records.”

N: Tell me about this upcoming Zone release.

B: “The concept is French Bounce. I had a song ready to send to Zone and I couldn’t get the mix and master right on it. I went in to the studio one night and made a song from scratch. That’s the one I ended up keeping. The one I made in one night (he laughs). I sent it off to Gabriel Leonard (Quarterjack) for mastering and once I got it back I knew this was the track I was going to send to Zone. There will be two edits other than the original, Icey did a 126 bpm edit and Quarterjack did a House edit. The title is Le Marais, which is French for “the swamp”. It will be officially released on March 7th.”

N: What other releases or projects do you have coming up?

B: “I have a few different things coming up. I have a trap release coming on Juke Ellington’s label, Nightowl. That’s set for March 24th. I also have a twerk release that just came out on Freakstep Records (called “I Do Not F With the Club” Ft. Ryan Bowers from Tech Nine’s label Strange Music). There’s going to be a 3 song House EP from me in the near future as well.
If you’re into funny hippie raps you may also want to check out my side project Yoga Thugz with my homies Apaulo8 & DJ Nikon, we just got a beat from Caspa and one from Trapzilla’s and some dope features too.”

Check out Bassgator’s tracks below and stay tuned for the release of Le Marais on March 7th!