Back in 2008, the pop punk favorites announced they would be going on hiatus. This broke many hearts, only to be consoled by the fact that Kenny and Brian would be working on their side project, Person L.
The band got back together for one show in their home town of Philadelphia in 2009 and a festival spot at Soundwave in 2011.
Other than a few single shows here and there, many of us weren’t sure if we’d ever hear new material from The Starting Line.
Then in 2012, fans got a glimmer of hope in the form of a 10 Year Anniversary Tour for Say It Like You Mean It, the band’s critically acclaimed debut album.
As unsure as we were, in December the band announced a brand new song and release of a 7″ EP titled Anyways.
The EP is now available for stream and purchase on iTunes and Spotify. You can also buy a physical copy at the band’s website.
Watch the video for the title track, Anwyays and purchase the album at the links below!

Buy Anyways on iTunes HERE!
Stream Anyways on Spotify HERE!
Buy Anyways physical copy HERE!