12650670_10204063447625869_1606090546_nSpirant is a relatively new progressive rock band from Charleston, South Carolina. They just released their debut demo EP, “We Were Kids Once” last night (2 – 21 – 2016). The EP features three instrumental tracks, “Begin”, “Median”, and “Conclude”. Each of these instrumental tracks were written by Brad Baker, William Mahoney, and Andrew Hagan respectively. “Seventies” and “Vault”, were written before their lineup was solidified and even before Spirant was a band. The tracks were then reworked for Spirant as a whole. “Until” was the first ‘true’ Spirant song, having been written by the whole band. Overall, the seven song demo EP clocks in at around 22 minutes and is a great debut for this relatively new band. This demo EP also delivers a sound that is basically the love child of Dance Gavin Dance’s Happiness” and Artifex Pereo.

This demo EP as a whole is great. The guitars are flawless. The Jazz background of every member is very easily apparent in how the music is written (all them jazz chords). The lead work for the guitars never overpowers the vocals. Instead, they do a good job accentuating the vocals. On the subject of the vocals, Michael Owens voice fits this sound perfectly. “Until” alone has easily some of my favorite vocal melodies that I’ve heard recently. The drums were written and recorded by guitarist Andrew Hagan. The drums do a good job backing up the guitars and keeping the rhythm throughout the songs. “Seventies” was the only song where the drums seemed a bit busy at times. The production quality of this, for being a demo EP, is top notch.

Personally, “Until” is easily my favorite track and that is the only track written entirely by Spirant. Although each song is great. Their cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (Elvis) is a fresh take on the classic song. They definitely have their own unique sound. I believe that the inclusions of screams would definitely benefit their sound by allowing them to be ‘heavier’ and allow for more contrast within their songs. These guys are definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of Dance Gavin Dance, Artifex Pereo, Eidola, Hail the Sun, or just like great vocals over equally amazing instrumentals. I’m excited for whatever comes next from these guys and if you have the chance to see them live, do it. Be sure to follow all their social media below. Enjoy!

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Spirant is

Vocals- Michael Owens

Guitar- Brad Baker

Guitar/Vocals- Andrew Hagan

Bass- William Mahoney

Drums- Andrew Munz