The hype is real.
In early November, Los Angeles soul punks Letlive. released the name of their next album, “If I’m The Devil“. Since then, fans have been impatiently waiting for an album release date and more info on what we should expect to hear this time around. We now have that information… well sort of. In a recent interview with Blunt Magazine, Letlive. vocalist Jason Butler said the following,

“We’ve got an album coming out this summer – that’s what the label says, at least. We’re hoping to release that in June, I believe. I’m excited to sort of show people what we’ve been up to and also who we’ve become as a band, obviously with the music and also our ideology as a band, and then continue on with that whole ideal of ‘Let Live’. That’s what I’m hoping for, at least.”

I am more than stoked to kick off the spring season with some new Letlive. Check out a few of my favorite LL. songs below to get pumped for the new album this June.