I may have a slight obsession with the world of cosmetology. The vast majority of my time and money goes to makeup and makeup accessories. But as much as I would love to spend my days browsing through the beautiful utopias of Mac and Sephora, my bank account doesn’t always allow that. Fortunately, through trial and error I have found out certain drugstore products can get the job done just as efficiently as high end products.
These are my top 5 eyeliners under $15, to help everyone slay the winged liner game while ballin’ on a budget.




5. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner $7.99
Available in waterproof, which is always a necessity for me. I despise eyeliner that starts to run halfway through the day.
This pen has an extremely fine pointed tip, so you can get those wings as sharp as humanly possible with ease.
Comes in a variety of shades. (Though I always opt for the blackest of blacks.)
With it being a felt tip pen, it doesn’t go on as dark as I’d like. So I usually have to apply multiple coats, or just go over the line with a black eye shadow.



4. Revlon Color Stay SKINNY Liquid Liner $7.99
Revlon Color Stay was one of the first liners I used when I started using liquid liners and I still stand by it today, especially now that they have a SKINNY variety. I like my lines to be as sharp and defined as possible, so the smaller/ more pointed the tip, the better.
This liner is a brush and liquid, rather than a pen. This creates a darker, more precise line every time.
It’s is also available in waterproof. This is actually one of the most waterproof liners I’ve come across, it very rarely smudges, even after 8 to 10 hours of wear. I also find “brush” liners to last longer than pens.
Being so waterproof is a blessing and a curse. If you mess up a spot, it’s not as easy to just wipe off and reapply.
The product comes in a very small container, so it doesn’t last nearly as long as most other liners do.



3.Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner $5.99
At less than six dollars, this liner is definitely the best bang for your buck.
Ultra fine tip creates super precise lines with ease. I use this product when I want to draw thinner, more artistic lines.
Intense black pigment that lasts all day. I love an eyeliner as black as my soul.
Waterproof, of course.
Once again, being a felt tip, it takes a few coats to get it as dark as I’d like.






2. NXY Super Skinny Eye Marker $9.99

This is absolutely the best pen eyeliner I’ve come across. It’s advertised as a “continuous flow tip” and it’s the truth. Unlike other pens, this liner never goes dry during application. This means a clean, bold, professional line every time.
Slim felt tip to easily create sharp fine lines or thick bold lines.
Deep black color pigment that lasts.
Despite having the perfect application and color, this liner will start to fade after a few hours. I just make sure to keep one with me on the go for touch-ups.



1. NYX Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner $6.99
There’s a reason NYX cosmetics are not only on here twice, but also top two. In my opinion, despite being extremely inexpensive and easy to find, NYX are one of the top beauty brands out today. The brush and liquid duo create a smooth, effortless application for lasting, dramatic wear.
The super thin brush delivers an intense classic black color with the perfect amount of shine. This product is also available in matte black, which is a little harder to find in drugstore liners.
Waterproof, smudge-proof, cry-proof, swim-proof… Basically this liner isn’t going anywhere until you decide to wash it off, whether that’s in 8 hours or 18 hours.
It’s a little hard to find, just because it’s sold out more often than it’s in stock. Probably because it’s just that great! You can however, find out what days your local Target usually gets it back in stock, and get there early to buy a few.