coverOf Fact and Fiction is a djenty metalcore band from Tillamook, Oregon. Their debut EP “Totem” was independently released the summer of 2015. The four piece delivers and aggressive and melodic take on metalcore and add some “djenty” riffs to really get the groove going. Clocking in at about 27 minutes, four of the five songs run from 3 to 5 minutes each. The closer of the EP however, “Break Our Chains”, runs at 9 minutes and 18 seconds.

The lead work is impressive and doesn’t come across as showy at all. The rhythm parts keep the groove going and are very easy to headbang to. Or do that weird djenty head bob thing (I do it all the time). The drums fit the music perfectly. The drums aren’t too busy, but aren’t too boring at the same time. The vocals are top notch as well. The screams and cleans fit their sound perfectly and the cleans themselves aren’t over the top or cliché. The cleans and screams mesh perfectly.

Some of my favorite parts in their songs are the clean guitar breaks, something that “Break Our Chains” is chock full of. The aforementioned track is definitely my favorite off of their EP, although every song could easily be my favorite. Their sound is honestly very refreshing. They’re not too heavy and not too soft for me. That’s not to say that they don’t have their “heavier” or “softer” moments, but they actually serve a purpose when they are present in the music. Overall, they are a credit to the Pacific Northwest’s music scene and you should definitely give them a listen. If you ever have the chance to see them live, do it!

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Of Fact and Fiction is:

Mikey Jacobs – Drums/Backing Vocals
Taylor Sewell – Guitar
Nate Haymond – Guitar/Vocals
Thor Johnson – Bass/Vocals