Duelyst is a free to play game developed by Counterplay Games for PC and Mac. Duelyst fuses the easily accessible strategy of Hearthstone with the intricacies of a turn based real time strategy game like Final Fantasy Tactics.

While still in beta, the game play itself is very smooth and I’ve encountered very few bugs throughout my experience. Most of the competitive games I’ve played lasted from 5-10 minutes, with some running longer, some running less. Each faction offers a unique play style. From massive units like the Magmar, to a flood of smaller units like the Abyssian, to a more combo oriented play style of the Songhai.

Game mode wise there are a lot of similarities to Hearthstone. Ranked play is the same as it’s counterpart, there is a Gauntlet mode that is this games “Arena” equivalent (although currently only open for small periods), and there are quick matches that you can play against an AI controlled opponent. There are challenges that you can do against AI that require you to defeat the enemy general in one turn. The difficulty ramps up in later levels and these are definitely a very fun and unique way of training players in different strategies of each faction. After completing each of these challenges for the first time you are awarded some gold which you can use to buy more packs or a run at the Gauntlet.

Overall this is a very fun and stable game. It offers something unique from Hearthstone, the turn based strategy game play, while being similar enough to make an easy transition from one to the other. Check out the game play trailer below for a better look and sign up HERE. Keep in mind, this game is still in beta. So do what you can by reporting any bugs that you find.