Tybee Island, Georgia is about 20 minutes away from Savannah. Here you will find your basic run of the mill beach stores€ selling massed produced T-shirts, sunglasses, and puka-bead necklaces. Just about everything you’ll need for your vacation at the beach.

However, nestled in a small strip of beach cottages called The Shops at Tybee Oaks, you will find a gem. A place where locals and tourist alike all agree was much needed to bring some vintage, funk, and rock & roll to the island.


Candice infront of Ziggy Nicks Trading Co.

Welcome to Ziggy Nicks Trading Company. Your one stop shop for everything from a curated collection of rare vintage fashion, your favorite band tees, hand-made jewelry, sick shades, dope home decor, vinyl, and much more!!


unique shades and essential music accessories

Ziggy Nicks was founded by Candice Crooke and Todd Tilson. Candice graduated with a degree in fashion design from Bauder College. She has an impressive resume working as a buyer, a wholesale brand representative, merchandiser, and stylist for both MTV and Versace. Candice also spent a few years abroad living in the U.K. Not too long after her return to Atlanta, her and her musician boyfriend Todd moved out to the island and in time came the birth of Ziggy Nicks. Being that the boutique is music inspired, it was only fitting that Todd would bring in musical accessories catering to local musicians who would otherwise have to order offline. The couple also offers a place where local musicians and artists can exhibit their work.


Candice’s cuffs made from vinyl records

Walking into the boutique takes you back to a different time. An era that certainly cannot be entirely defined because Candice pulls her inspirations from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Your eyes are immediately drawn to my favorite item from the selection of accessories, her one of kind cuffs made from old vinyl records. Should you be lucky enough to grab one, consider yourself one of the trendy few. Dawning the clothing racks you’€™ll find garment after garment of unique pieces that any fashionable girl (or guy) could add as a staple to their wardrobe. Make your way back to the bar there is Candice. Busy creating her beautiful stoned jewelry with her Chihuahuas chilling nearby. She’s always eager to welcome you and assist you in your Ziggy Nicks experience.


A: Given how different your shop is in comparison to the other stores on the island, have you struggled to fit in while staying true to your brand?


the extraordinary stuff up for sale @ Ziggy Nicks

C: “No, I opened the store knowing I would have a market reaching out to the people already on the island. As well as the like-minded people who come visit. There was an obvious need for my type of store.”

A:  How does social media play into your day-to-day business?

C: “I Instagram a lot. One thing I love about making jewelry is the process is not complete until I have photographed it and posted it online. Instagram is an awesome marketing tool and I also sell a lot from it.”

A: What inspired the name Ziggy Nicks?

C: “My personal style is a combination of Ziggy Stardust and Stevie Nicks and that reflects the style of the store.” The logo is a collaborative effort between Candice and my little sister Taylor who is an illustrator and graphic designer. “She really nailed the logo.”

A: What is currently on your playlist?

C: “Obviously David Bowie!! Big Grams (a collaboration between Big Boi & Phantogram), Kerli, Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk, Ellie Goulding, and Zoogma.”

A: If you could give any advice to some millenial would be entrepreneurs what would it be?”

“If you’re passionate about something make it your career, don’t waste your youth in a fucked up job that doesn’t help you grow into the person you want to be.


be sure to look for the Ziggy Nicks bus at a festival near you!

A: What are some of things we have to look forward to from Ziggy Nicks in the future?

C: “We recently bought a tie dyed bus which will be a mobile extension of our brick and mortar location. Though I love being on the island, I still have the need to travel! So the bus is the perfect way to fulfill that wanderlust while keeping the shop going. Make sure to follow the exploits of the Ziggy Nicks bus for current festival locations!”

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If you are down on the island set your navigation to:

1213 US Highway 80, Unit A

Tybee Island, Georgia


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