Multiple news sources are reporting the passing of David Bowie. This comes just days after the release of his latest  and what will now be his final album Blackstar. The album, which consisted of just seven tracks, was released on his 69th birthday last Friday. Garnering rave reviews, Blackstar explored Bowie’s fascination with the Cosmos. It is believed that Bowie lost his life after a 19 month battle with cancer.

1947 - 2016

Bowie’s alter-ego Ziggy Stardust


Bowie rose to fame as a pioneer in Glam Rock. With his androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust in the 1970’s, Bowie truly challenged and transformed popular music of that time. He also laid the foundation for future genres. Bowie is heralded as an inspiration for the early innovators of the Punk Rock movement. Known as a master of re-invention, Bowie was an artist that constantly evolved, and with each evolution reaffirming his status as a true visionary icon.


David Bowie starred with Jennifer Connelly in Jim Henson’s dark fairy tale


Bowie also had a very impressive film career, which predated his endeavors in music. My all time favorite being his portrayal of Jareth King of the Goblins in Jim Henson’s The Labrynth. As a little girl, I remember being haunted, fascinated, and even attracted to Bowie’s character.


David Bowie’s influence is very prominent in popular culture still to this day. Begging the question, if it weren’t for Bowie, where would the entertainment industry be as a whole? The reports of Bowie’s death came just hours after the close of The 2016 Golden Globe Awards. Tributes have poured over all forms of media for the loss of a legend.


His otherworldy presence transcended music, fashion, art, and film for over 4 decades. It is certain there will never be another artist that could possibly compare to his genius. I think I speak for everyone at Teal Cheese in saying we are all devastated by his loss. Rest in Peace. – Amanda