Everyone’s favorite occult themed Netflix original returned today with it’s third and final season.
Season 1 premiered back in April of 2013. It really seemed to pick up a strong cult following after the series premiere and going into Season 2 in July of 2014.
The ending of the second season had a lot of fans (myself included) kind of disappointed. The first two seasons built up so much suspense and the finale of season two left me wondering if the show would even continue.
Seemingly out of nowhere Netflix announced that the third (and FINAL) season of Hemlock Grove would be available to stream starting today (10/23/15)
In case you missed them or just forgot what happened after all this time, here’s the recap for season 1 (with commentary by Executive Producer Eli Roth) and the trailers for Season 2 and 3 (As well as some behind the scenes material from Season 2).
Start streaming the third and final season of Hemlock Grove today on Netflix!