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Daily Archives: October 23, 2015

Hemlock Grove- “The Final Chapter” Premiere

Everyone’s favorite occult themed Netflix original returned today with it’s third and final season. Season 1 premiered back in April of 2013. It really seemed to pick up a strong cult following after the series premiere and going into Season 2 in July of 2014.

Just Released: Wage War – “Youngblood”

Florida metalcore band Wage War just released another single off of their debut album “Blueprints” titled “Youngblood”. Signed to Fearless Records, the band has made a huge splash in the metalcore scene with every single off of their debut record. So far, every track they have released

Just Released: Into the Flood – “The Glass House My Father Built”

Into the Flood is a hardcore band from the Tacoma, Washington area. They recently released the lead single off of their upcoming EP, “Death Posture”. The EP will be released on October 30th. The single itself is perfect. The quality is top notch and “The Glass House