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Daily Archives: October 16, 2015

Underground Band Feature: Forever Losing Sleep (Album Stream)

Forever Losing Sleep is an indie rock/post hardcore band from New Jersey. Their album, “I Lost Myself Again.” has also been one of my favorites since it released a year ago. They balance lovely melodies with aggressive post hardcore-esque moments spread throughout. The moments of aggression are never over-stated as

Haunted Shores – Norway Jose (Viscera EP)

Misha Mansoor and Mark Holcomb (Periphery) just released the first single off of Haunted Shores’ “Viscera EP”. It will be released November 3rd on Bandcamp for $5. This track lives up to the expectations of Periphery and Haunted Shores fans alike. If you’re a fan of

PARTYTIME Friday #27- #Weekend.02 Playlist

Another week gone by too quickly. Hopefully the weekend won’t pass by the same way. Here’s the second installment of the #Weekend playlists to get you through the next few days. Everyone enjoy your time (hopefully) off work and come see us on Sunday (10/18/15)

Icarus The Owl- “Pilot Waves” Album Review

This album is very obviously strong from the first few seconds. Although this is the band’s fourth album, they treated this record like a debut in that it’s obvious these guys put everything they had into it. If they still had anything left to prove they

Interview With Joey Rubenstein (Icarus The Owl)

Icarus The Owl are releasing their fourth album, “Pilot Waves” in just a few hours. Their singer/guitar player Joey Rubenstein was nice enough to sit down with me the other day and answer some questions. Get familiar with Icarus The Owl: N: Where are you

The Lion in Winter – “Sleep Well, Avidya” Album Stream

I saw this Tacoma, WA band open for Sianvar little over a week ago and they completely blew me away. Check out their Album Stream for “Sleep Well, Avidya” on  YouTube. For Fans Of: Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar and other progressive post hardcore bands.