Official Crown of Laurel, (otherwise known as Official) was founded in 2007 with the concept of creating premium headwear with skate, street and DIY fashion influences.
Team members include skaters like Jamie Thomas and Miles Silvas.
Official has collaborated with with DC Shoes Europe, Ben G Amsterdam, Eastpak Europe and many others.
The brand started to get a lot more attention when it began to be seen worn by celebrities all across the board. Lil’ Wayne, Brian Anderson (Nike), Matt Miller (DC), Hyper Crush, A-Trak (Fools Gold Records), Sinden (Kiss FM), and DJ Greyboy just to name a few.

“Official regards it’s headwear as a crown, a statement, an exclamation point and sometimes a simple compliment to bigger and bolder things. We take great joy in applying this concept to each and every piece we produce under the Official Crown of Laurel® label.”
That’s a direct quote from the companies mission statement.
This Sacramento based company is one of the few skate/streetwear brands to have successfully branched out to be more than just a clothing line.
Official is a brand for skaters created by skaters. Although they mainly focus on hats, Official does carry everything from shirts to gloves and bags.
Check out the Fall 2015 line in their online store in the link below and get some fresh gear today!

official hat top

official rack. in storeofficial shirt

official. teal hat