After a long day of impatiently waiting, South Florida’s next big thing finally dropped his first ever EP just a few minutes ago.
Kidd Kwest has been a friend of Teal Cheese ever since the beginning and to watch the evolution he’s gone through is incredible.
I had been fortunate enough to hear a few demos before the release but even having heard them I was in no way prepared for the hip hop masterpiece that got dropped on us.
Kwest has gone above and beyond in every single way. Six tracks, six different producers (and somehow the songs fit together like puzzle pieces). Lyrically he remains at times with a playful party vibe and at other times you can hear the catharsis that takes place in the booth. One of the tracks even finds Kwest singing a hook which is certainly a first.
This EP runs only a little over seventeen minutes but it’s the most satisfying quarter of an hour you’ll spend all year. I am still listening to “DERTY” on repeat and I can’t say enough good things about it. I also can’t stress enough how proud I am of Kwest. This is the best work he’s every done and it deserves every bit of attention you have.

Listen to the “DERTY” EP below and get familiar with Kidd Kwest.

Don’t miss his live performance on 10/18/15 at Rack ‘Em Billiards (1011 SE 47th Ter
Cape Coral, Florida) with OG Baby and DJ Dre. 21 + FREE show. This is the first of many shows to come.