When I hear about the band Collective Soul, my mind automatically thinks about the nineties. Most of my generation from that time period have forgotten about the bands we grew up with because of all the music we are still discovering. Collective Soul doesn’t disappoint with their new album “See What You Started By Continuing.”

With their double platinum album “Hints, Allegations, and Things left Unsaid,” and their self-titled CD hitting triple platinum status I think it’s safe to say that after over twenty years of making music this band knows what they’re doing.

While their new album is solid, I don’t see any of these new songs ending up on the top billboard charts like past hits such as “December” and “The World I Know.” If I had to choose, some of my favorite songs off their new CD would be “This,” “Contagious,” and “Memoirs of 2005.”

Every song is very similar on the CD, but as a whole it has a very “radio friendly” sound as do most songs by Collective Soul, so don’t be surprised if you hear some new tunes by them while you are flipping through the channels on your radio. All in all, I would say that this is a pretty good album and it will definitely entertain any Collective Soul fan, both new and old.