The incredible one man band/DJ known as Robert Delong released a new album a few weeks ago. After multiple listens I’m convinced he must be a genius.
The electronic/EDM influence is undeniable but the way he integrates not only pop music but darker tones of dubstep and techno is unmatched.
I got the chance to see Delong at Big Guava Music Festival in Tampa earlier this year. At the time I wasn’t familiar with him  other than one or two tracks. From the moment the set began I was in awe.
He had a table set up with drum pads, synthesizers, CDJs, computers, joysticks and video game controllers that he had turned into modulators. Off to the right side he had an electric drum machine and to the left an acoustic drum set.
He would set his beats on the table and go play the entire drum track of a song while singing (he also utilized a Nintendo Wii controller as a self created voice modulator). There was no one else on the stage, he is literally a one man band. So keeping that in mind while listening, this album is only that much more impressive.
Listen to “In The Cards” in full below and buy the album HERE!


  • Released: Sep 18, 2015