Rig Rundown: Nick Olson of Avoid the Void

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Nick Olson plays guitar in Seattle melodic metalcore band Avoid the Void. He is one of the best guitarists I know personally, and has one hell of a rig. Attached are two videos. One of which is Nick running through his rig, and the other is a demonstration of how his rig sounds. The guys in Avoid the Void are close friends of mine, so expect more posts about them in the future.

Check out his band on facebook HERE.




Guitar: Carvin DC400 w/ Seymour Duncan Omega pickup


Rack: Line 6 G30 Wireless, Fractal Axe FX II, Furman pl-8, and an ART SLA-1


Cab: Orange PPC212 Cab


“Pedalboard”: Behringer FCB1010