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Daily Archives: October 7, 2015

Rig Rundown: Nick Olson of Avoid the Void

Nick Olson plays guitar in Seattle melodic metalcore band Avoid the Void. He is one of the best guitarists I know personally, and has one hell of a rig. Attached are two videos. One of which is Nick running through his rig, and the other

Avoid the Void – Live 29/8/15 @ El Corazon (Full Set)

Check out this full set of Seattle Melodic Metalcore band Avoid the Void. Their set has some songs off of their upcoming EP “The Trench” in addition to some older ones. The EP will be released this Saturday (Oct. 10th) and will be available online, and at

Bugzy Lavoe- “Ratchet Pastor Lavoe” Album Review

The first time I ever heard Bugzy Lavoe‘s music was a little over a year ago. I was searching through soundcloud and happened upon a track titled “Lavoelife Finese.” All of a sudden I had just found the greatest party music ever! It was like