Yugen can be described as many things. The first thing that comes to mind is Psychedelic Rock. After multiple listens one starts to realize that the band draws influence from nearly every  major genre that exists in music.

This five (sometimes 6) piece collective’s self proclaimed goal is to “successfully integrate the musical history and influence of each member.” Evidence of funk, jazz, prog rock, and bluegrass make it clear they succeeded with that integration.

Some songs spanning as long as 15 minutes I can’t help but draw comparisons to The Mars Volta. Not only in length of song but also in the way in which this group seamlessly grooves along and switches tempo at a moment’s notice. Even with tracks that long Yugen manages to keep their music cohesive and listenable on repeat.

There’s definite nods to classic rock all throughout Yugen’s catologue. This music makes you move. At times it feels like a trip back to the 70’s. Like listening to Yes or Led Zeppelin, while at other times you feel ethereal vibes that take you to a place like 311 or a less insane Mars Volta.

This is a truly great American Rock band that you NEED to know about. Check out Yugen’s latest single, “Evermind” below:

Yugen is:

Tyler Brown- Drums

Nate Labine- Bass/Guitar

Matt Lippert- Guitar/Bass/Vocals

John Osburn- Aux./Percussion

Pat Rein- Keys

Will Vickers- Guitar/Bass/Vocals