Sounds Like a Melody” is a song by the German group Alphaville, from the group’s debut album Forever Young. The single was released on 14 May 1984.

The song was a big success in continental Europe and South Africa, reaching the Top 10; it topped the charts in Italy and Sweden

Originally, Alphaville had planned to release “Forever Young” as their second single, to follow the success of “Big in Japan”. However, record studio executives requested that Alphaville release an additional song between the two singles, and as a result “Sounds Like a Melody” was written and arranged in just two days. Of the experience, singer Marian Gold said “the whole affair felt like an insult to our naive hippie instincts. Writing music exclusively for the sake of commercial success seemed like the sell-out of our virtual beliefs. On the other hand, did this not open up possibilities for wonderful games to play in the brave new world of pop music?” This corporate pressure caused the band to dislike the song and they refused to play it live for over 10 years.