FB_IMG_1442158280889As the Teal Cheese team is gearing up for the Kyle Lucas and Jonny Craig show in a few days I thought it appropriate to post a playlist for the ocassion.
I’ve been a fan of Jonny’s work since his years lending vocals to DGD but I didnt discover Kyle’s music until much later. Over the past few years I have become really impressed with what he’s done in and since Vonnegut.
Once I booked an interview with Kyle and spoke with him I started to understand how similar our views on life and stories are. That conversation made it clear this was someone so conpletely dedicated to his craft that almost nothing else matters. I have such immense respect for both these artists and can’t wait to finally see them live.

Anyone in Tampa, come join Teal Cheese at Epic Problem on 9/17 for a show you won’t soon forget!
Tour dates are in the photo above. This is a performance everyone should see. Enjoy the playlist below until the show.

Thumbnail photo credit: Annabelle Self