Fort Myers local and friend of Teal Cheese, Kidd Kwest, after much anticipation released the mix he’s been working so tirelessly on.

Derty Summer Mix is made up of nine different songs. Yet the project translates perfectly into a seamless 15 minute track. It includes portions a few songs we’ve seen Kwest put out over the last few months, but contains mostly brand new tracks. It’s clear that Kwest has spent his time away perfecting his craft.

The individual songs all have different producers as usual. The big surprise here is the mixing and mastering of the project as a whole was done by Kwest himself! It’s so incredibly well done and the lyrics and flow are that of an artist who’s experienced a rebirth and is hungry to continue releasing music, expanding his skill set, impressing his fans, and challenging his competition.

Listen to the Derty Summer Mix below.


Mix also includes Payso Q and OG Baby

Track listing

1. Kidd Kwest- Renegade (prod. mysticphonk)

2. Kidd Kwest- Be Honest (prod. JayGo)

3. Payso Q- Rollin Up Freestyle

4. Kidd Kwest- Watch Your Step (prod. Vinci)

5. Kidd Kwest- Dropping (prod. LegionXBeats)

6. Kidd Kwest- DERTYSUMMER (prod. DJ Dabs)

7. Kidd Kwest- Loading Screen (prod. Nayrb Genesis)

8. OG Baby- Sip Slow

9. Kidd Kwest- OPM (prod. PurpDogg)

“Derty Summer Mix” was Mixed and Mastered by Kidd Kwest