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Daily Archives: June 26, 2015

[FREE DOWNLOAD LINK] Justin Martin & Ardalan Ft. Party Patty – Function VIP

If you’ve caught any Dirtybird sets lately you’ve most likely heard a sick remix of  Justin Martin & Ardalan’s ‘Function’ off the DIRTYBIRD 10 release. The wait is over, Function VIP is now available for FREE download: If you want to see the the dynamic

10 Mistakes Bands and Musicians Make

The author of this article is David Hooper is the founder of and host of the syndicated radio show, Music Business Radio.  He specializes in direct response and new media marketing. If you want to get a record deal, get people to your shows, or sell music

G-Eazy “These Things Happen” Album Stream

Almost exactly a year ago a relatively unknown hip hop artist named G-Eazy dropped a full length that’s probably one of the best West Coast rap albums (Kendrick aside) within the last five years. Listen to the full album below: G- Eazy– “These Things Happen” Track Listing 1.