“Doug”– Ran from 1991-1994 (ABC reboot from 1996-2000): What can’t be said about doug that wasn’t awesome? His best friend was named Skeeter, he was in love with a girl named Patti Mayonnaise, and he had an awesome dog named porkchop. Most of us could relate to Doug’s mishaps and awkward problems going through school. It was like a cartoon about us! Plus, if you didn’t try to dress up as quailman at least once, you’re wrong.

“Rugrats”– Ran from 1991-2004: Our favorite babies! We loved Tommy, We cheered on Chuckie, We laughed at Phil and Lil, and we despised Angelica. (Seriously! What was her problem!?) We even enjoyed the parents screen time! We all wished our parents worked as a toy inventor. We even embraced when dill was born. As 90’s kids we grew up with them and even tried to be ok with “All Grown Up.”

“Ahh! Real Monsters”– Ran from 1994-1997: This was our generation’s “Monsters Inc.”  Ickis was the leader of the group, confused for fluffy rabbits until he got angry of course. So much anger in such a small form!  Oblina, teachers pet and the best student among her class. Shape shifting around and freaking out kids. I swear I looked at every candy cane differently for quite awhile. Krumm, best described as the stinky fat friend. Loveable and goofy, to balance this trio. Bonus: The Gromble, what was that guy all about? Loving those heels though.

“Double Dare” A.K.A. “Super Sloppy Double Dare, Family Double Dare, & Double Dare 2000
Ran from 1987-2000:
They actually tried to reinvent this in the 2000’s but no way can you watch this show without Marc Summers. Every single one of us were competitive when this show came on. You know you told your parents you were better than those kids, and you tried to convince them to go on the show. YES, I WANT TO GET THE FLAG OUT OF THAT NOSE!

“Ren & Stimpy”– Ran from 1991-1995: This show alone might be why many of us have a twisted sense of humor. That chihuahua, our temperamental Ren, and the clueless cat that is Stimpy. There seemed to be no base story line other than a odd friendship between a cat and a dog living together. However, we remember the outlandish antics of these two and still know the songs from those episodes. It’s log, It’s log!
One extra episode (An adult version of the show) was released on MTV in 1996 even after Nickelodeon shelved the series.

“Salute Your Shorts”– Ran 1991-1992: The theme song will never get out of our heads. Still to this day I can sing the whole thing, all I have to hear is the horn. You know you yelled IT MAKES ME WANT TO FART. It was a short run on TV, but watching that show made you want to go to summer camp. You could only hope that you could have as much fun making your camp counselor go nuts from your pranks. Everyone wanted to go to Camp Anawanna.

“Welcome Freshman”– Ran from 1991-1993: This was our idea of a sketch comedy, the best way to put it was like a MAD TV for tweens. The standard intro of neon lettering over some footage of high school life. You wanted to learn how to play guitar just to play that intro. Might have even been the start of that garage band you never followed through on.

“Legends of the Hidden Temple”– Ran from 1993-1995: Another game show we ALL wanted to be on. You had to have brains and braun. This show made you pay attention to history, you needed to run through that temple! Of course, I wanted to feel like Indiana Jones, retrieving those artifacts! Green monkey team forever!!

“The Adventures of Pete & Pete”
– Ran from 1993-1996: This show about these redheaded brothers, that invaded our TV life. The crazy antics of the younger Pete and his friendship with Artie and his rebellious tattoo of the legendary Petunia. The older Pete being what teenagers are; awkward and swayed by teen lust. How did the younger Pete get away with so much stuff!?

“Rocko’s Modern Life”– Ran from 1993-1996: Another show where I question why, as kids, we were allowed to watch it. Have you ever rewatched this as an adult? Don’t get me wrong I still love this show! The twisted humor and the outright dirty jokes.  Rocko trying to live this adult life with bills and a low paying job. Then Heffer, his freeloading cow best friend. An unlikely friendship but hilarious adventures.