Super-producer and mogul, Pharrell Williams was on his promo run for recently released sophomore album G I R L and made a stop by The Howard Stern Show. In his sit-down with the KING of all media, Skateboard P opened up about his past musical collaborations, including penning Justin Timberlake’s debut album Justified. The project was originally planned for Michael Jackson, but he opted not to go forward leaving the magic to help pilot Timberlake’s career. At the time, Justin was dating Britney Spears and introduced her to Pharrell in 2000 for her single “I’m A Slave 4 U” (original planned for Janet Jackson but turned down) and “Boys.”

Throughout the 70-minute plus sit-down, he discusses JAY-Z being the only artist that might think twice on turning down certain records, high praise for Robin Thick, studio blowup with Madonna, fallout with Justin Timberlake that hindered friendship and much more.

As all those who step into the King’s court tend to be and tend to do, Pharrell was super honest and taught us a few new things about his life and career.