It’s not often you hear the names Flosstradamus and Carl Cox in the same sentence, however, in a strange series of events at EDC New York this past weekend, their sets collided in an unexpected way. This seemed to only last about five minutes, but you can see people leaving the area and reports from other blogs and YouTube users saying this drastically ruined their experience at Carl Cox. It’s an unlikely story and sound difficulties do happen, but it’s a shame when it affects someone’s set. You can watch the video below.

A wireless microphone on the wrong feed from Flosstradamus started infiltrating the stage Carl Cox was playing at, with words like “turn up” appearing randomly. This starts around 1:05, and sounds like it could be some sort of vocal sample and even timed with the lights at times (1:33). The MC vocals continue though and it came to a point where the crowd became confused and started to lose their groove. Around 1:57 we hear “All my medical smokers, when I saw grow, you say kush,” and then “turn the f*ck up” at 3:36. Carl Cox eventually stopped playing around the 3 minute mark when the ghost MC starts chanting numbers. Around 3:50 you’ll hear “Somehow someones got onto our microphone frequency…soon as we find out who it is we can get started.” Carl Cox handled it like a professional and continued the set.